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Enivronmental development and Family Health Organization (EDFHO)

Established and registered in 1998 as a charitable, non-profit and non-governmental Organization, Environmental Development and Family Health Organization (EDFHO) was established to address series of environmental problems, Health and poverty trait in the faces of greater percentage of the population those who formed the core members of the organization today saw these problems as a challenge and a call to assist the under -privileged people of the state. The core members are drawn from academia professionals, private, and public sectors of the society with burning desire for poverty alleviation and better environment. Today, the organization exists in Ekiti and five other States of Nigeria. It?s membership have been extended to other people in the society both in Urban and Rural Communities, mobilized to form cooperative societies and individual small scale entrepreneurs. These set of members formed the working groups and core beneficiaries of its developmental projects.

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EDFHO is poised to catalyze actions which will provide its target groups {women, children, youths and artisans} with capacity to protect the environment, provide effective health services and economic empowerment for sustainable development.

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