In order for EDFHO to meet up with her charity obligation and community development, in the face of declining in international funding support, EDFHO established and register Agro-Allied cooperative union and a business arm—EDFHO ventures. The Agricultural Farm and Venture are saddled with the responsibility of engaging in farming activities and other profit making business that have direct impact on sustainable development, all proceeds from the venture is channelled back into EDFHO charity activities to limit dependency on foreign assistance. It is our dream that revenue from the venture will one day be adequate to meet our entire charity obligation without external funding and EDFHO will be able to provide aids to other developing countries through this activities.

As a step towards the realization of this dream, EDFHO through Cooperative and EDFHO-EK Ventures diversified into agricultural programme through a comprehensive farm that incorporated maize, cassava, and plantain plantation. The farm on the long run is proposed to be an integrated farm going beyond production to processing and packaging for both local and international market.

The farm was conceived primarily to provide revenue needed to continue implementing EDFHO’s charity developmental activities. The farm will also provide employment opportunity as well as training ground for youths and families towards poverty reduction. The comprehensive processing and packaging will put Ekiti State on the map of economic development initiatives as well as contribution to the gross domestic product of Nigeria.

We will appreciate corporate or individual that wishes to assist the organization to meet is goal of sustainability either by providing grants, equipment and market linkages. Do contact us at

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