Promoting Sustainable Hiv/Aids Prevention Among In And Out Of School Youth In Kogi West Senatorial District

In promoting sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention among in and out of school youths in selected intervention schools and communities; various activities were implemented which centered on behavioural change as one of major attitudinal change approach to HIV/AIDS prevention using the MPPI prevention strategies in creating awareness and increasing the knowledge of youths and young adults through series of outreach activities by Peer Educators aiming at changing their peers’ attitudes and response to HIV and other risky behaviors in order to make them less vulnerable to HIV infection. Project activities/programmes were carried out in six (6) communities in three Local Governments of Kogi State. Activities carried out during the year under review include, advocacy visits/meeting with stakeholders and health facilities providers, selection and formation of Project advisory committee, Interactive Sessions/community dialogues held in Communities, Secondary Schools and Higher Institutions, Peer Educators training and Supervisor’s trainings routine monitoring and Evaluation and supervision of peer educators activities, community awareness through special events such as party, rallies, seminars and other activities, Peer Educators Training, community dialogue (Small Group Discussions-structural activities), community awareness (small group discussions), Condom distribution, Drama/Quiz competitions, HTC, monitoring/supervision and evaluation and management activities With these activities in place the project reached a total number of 4550 youths (2174 males and 2376 females) with MPPI. .

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