Charity Shop

As part of our long term sustainability, EDFHO runs a charity shop with proceeds from the shop dedicated entirely to providing services for vulnerable children across our states of intervention. As a step towards improving funds available for charity activities, protect the environment and redistribute materials in a way that benefits the society, EDFHO operates a CHARITY SHOP. The charity shop is aimed at raising fund for the organization and also make possible for the very low income earner quality and affordable materials which they might not be able to afford in the open market.

Our charity shop is tailored specifically to match your needs:

  • SATURDAY MARKET : Presently, this is a bi – monthly market being hosted by our Ondo State Office located at 24 Oluwatuyi Quarters, Akure in the Sunshine State Capital. EDFHO stream o f volunteers offers to the community various items ranging from second hand books, toys, clothes, shoes, and household items at extremely low cost, for the entire family. Drop by on a Saturday to see how we drive the process of ensure everyone contributes to the society no matter your socio status.
  • EDFHO RETAIL SHOP (Presently in the planning stage): Our on-site retail stores offers gently used clothes, shoes, books, home goods, and accessories at low cost - tailored to entry level workers who need to look good . . . on a budget. The shop when fully operational will also bring to you a mix of exotic fabrics, luxurious home goods, designer accessories, and fashion wears for both men and women.
  • To be placed our mailing list to receive new stock alerts and notice of special sales, please write to:
    We accept donations from the community. If you have items you would like to donate to the Foundation, please call us at +234 806 012 0071 or write to us at
    We will pick up items in Ondo and Ekiti States while we could also arrange delivery with logistics organizations for donations from any part of Nigeria.



    1. Environmental benefits: new resources are not used in the creation of goods and selling second-hand goods saves the environment.
    2. Budget shopping: the charity shop will be a dependable source of good quality items at low prices.
    3. Volunteering opportunities: Youths will be given the opportunity to volunteer in the stores where they can learn new skills, build team spirit, and make new friends as they gain work experience.

    To get quality materials for shoppers, we here appeal to the public to donate their unwanted or unused materials (Cloths, Shoes, Bags, Electronics, Books, Toys, etc) that might still be of use to other people. 


    You could support the shop in the following ways:

    1. Donating: You and your establishment can support the shop by donating items to the shop.
    2. Buying: People who buys from charity shops also contributes since such money goes directly into our charity activities.
    3. Volunteering: Individuals or groups could also contribute by volunteering in the shop (activities in the shop include sorting, packaging, house – to – house pickups, mending, etc).

    “We are approaching corporate organizations believing we could have access to staff, parents, and caregivers through them to ask for support and donations. All donations will be acknowledged and individual lives and families touched by your donations published every quarter or bi – annually. If you are interested in hosting our campaign at your office, please call Lanre on +234 806 012 0071.”


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