Hiv/Aids Prevention

The Reduction of the Spread of HIV/AIDS among Female Sex Workers in Akure South LGA of Ondo state.

Female Sex Workers (FSW) have been identified to serve as reservoir of HIV which is then transmitted to the general population through a bridge community of men having multiple sexual partners. In order to reduce the spread and mitigate HIV/AIDS infections among FSW, EDFHO seek technical and financial support from ODSACA/World Bank under its HPDP II HAF Project with a goal of promoting sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention in the country amongst the FSW using the strategic classes of prevention activities (biomedical, behavioural, structural) that operate on multiple levels (individual, community and societal/structural), to respond to the specific needs of FSW through prioritizing, partnership, and engagement of affected communities in Akure south LGA.

The FSW were reached with the Minimum Prevention Package of implementation through the following activities: training of peer educator, peer education session, community mobilization and sensitization, condom promotion, HIV counseling and Testing (HCT), Priority for Local AIDS Control (PLACE), Interpersonal Communication (IPC), Referrals etc. As expected these activities increased the knowledge and skill of sex workers, build their capacity to support activities that will bring behavioral changes among them and consequently reduce the spread of HIV/AIDs among the female sex workers and client.

The total number of 940 (239 brothel based and 701 non brothel based) target reach is significant as it represent over a hundred percent record as against the planned 900 FSW (225 brothel based and 675 non brothel based) to be reached within the two years of the project.



To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among 900 Female sex workers in Akure South LGA of Ondo state.

Specific objectives

    • To improve community collaboration and participation through Advocacy and community mobilization towards creating enabling environment for FSW programming in Ondo State
    • To build the capacity of 225 brothel based FSW on HIV Prevention within two years.
    • To enhance the knowledge of 675 non brothels based female sex workers in Akure south LGA on HIV prevention within two years.
    • To improve access to existing STI management, condom and lubricant, as well as HCT services for FSW through linkages and referral
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