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Africa is one of the continents in the world that is faced with the challenges of poverty and poor environmental factors, children born from the poor background lacked access to some basic amenities such as education, health, shelter, social and legal support. A lot of these children had been rendered homeless and illiterate due to inability of their parents to care and give support as appropriate, while some of these vulnerable children do not have parents and majority of them lived with either family relatives or guidance who maltreated them and make them faced different risks of life.

Orphaned and vulnerable children are being affected economically, socially and psychologically. Economic and social impacts include mal-nutrition, reduced access to education and health care, child labour, migration and homelessness. Psychological impacts include depression, guilt, anger and fear caused by parental illness and death. The social, economic and psychological impacts of AIDS on children combine to increase their vulnerability to a range of consequences including HIV infection, lack of education, poverty, child labour, exploitation and unemployment.

Hence, orphan and vulnerable children at all levels must not be deny of quality education, health, accommodation and legal supports for them to feel alive as part of the society that is free of discrimination and stigmatization, their rights as a children should be protected at all time while caregivers would be adequately empowered to meet and provide the necessary support for the vulnerable children.

In order to promote and enhance effective service delivery to the vulnerable children, the following activities were implemented during this reporting period which include; Kids Clubs/HIV/AIDS prevention activities, home visits, educational performance monitoring and distribution of scholar materials to vulnerable children as well as project monitoring and supervision.

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